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Monday, February 07, 2005

BeastBlade - Level 40!

BeastBlade made level 40 Sunday, Feb 06, 2005. I'm very excited to be finally turning the last corner and seeing the level 50 finishline off in the distance.

BeastBlade is a Katana/Regen scrapper. He was built as a soloing powerhouse. He's probably not the best level 40 soloist around (that piece of pie probably goes to the fire controllers) but he's a mean can of whoop ass to be sure!

To give you an idea, he was hunting in Peregrin Island at level 37, and able to take on a mob of level 43 minions, or a Fake Nemesis + WarHulk + 1-3 Lut's level 41

The only thing he cannot solo is Arch-Villains, but they are meant to be exaduratedly tough.

One of the highlights of his career was a team I put together at level 37 to fight the Arch Villain "Envoy of Shadows." It was a team of 6 people, all of which were between level 30 and 35 (I run my missions on invincible, so we were fighting level 38-40ish mobs) the level 36 scrapper I Was with (Katana/Super Reflexes) commented that he had the same mission, but his missions were on "hard boiled" (which is the lowest mission difficulty rating, i believe, whereas invincible [my setting] is the absolute hardest). I made the remark that I could solo everything in his mission at his setting [except for the AV] without any help whatsoever, even with it set for the entire group of 6 people. At this point the level 30 healer (Empathy Defender) (wo, incidentally, I'd rendered almost absolutely useless the entire time, except for the AV fight [which was the reason he was there at all]) said "Normally this is the point where I would pipe up with a sarcastic comment, but I have to admit -- You're the man!" Needless to say, that felt good ;)



Anonymous Wario said...

CoH? Man, WoW is where it's at foolio :P

You should check it out, everyone's on the Proudmoore server.


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