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Thursday, February 03, 2005

City of Heroes: Expansion Issue 4 Preview

They finally finished the COH winter event, which was quite a lot of fun. It was an overwhelming chance for the lower level characters to catch up, even just a little bit, with the higher level characters. "Farming Winter Lords" was all the rage and , frankly, worth great experience points up until the mid-20s-levels. Of particular interest was the ability to start a new character, and have the character between level 18 and 22 in 6 or so hours... which is GREAT because you don't get your "travel power" till level 14 which can make the lower levels a bit tedious (walking from place to place sucks)

So Issue 3 was released, a huge success
then the winter event was launched and completed, another huge success
and now they are already preparing issue4 (this is one of the things i love about this game... the world doesnt become stale) Check out Details Here: City of Heroes: Expansion Issue 4 Preview

Also even if you missed the "winter event" i highly recommend taking advantage of the aftermath... many lakes in Paragon city have bee frozen over... allowing for some ecellent Ice Skating. (waiting for the COH Ice Capades!)

Cheers, all!


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