As an employee of Feedster, Inc. It's important, while reading anything that I happen to blog,
that my entries here are solely my own opinion. Nothing that I say here even remotely reflects
anything about my employer. I am an individual, I have a job just as most everyone has a job. You
are reading the depraved ramblings of the individual not the employee. If you
read something that I say here and then go ranting about how Feedster feels regarding a subject
you will only be showing off your own narrow-minded-ignorance. Thanks for understanding.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Let me get out my champagne bottle

This blog is hereby christened. Hopefully I'll be up to continually using this blog. My past attempts at blogging have been sad failed husks, thrown by the wayside. It was convenient enough for me, always a chore. Likely because I've always tried running my own blogging CMS. I've never liked CMS... I can write them, but its just not exactly my cup of jo. Thats where I hope blogger (kindly provided by google) will help me out -- I dont have to maintain the SW side of it (w00t)


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